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Bhostco Prerolls – Above Top Shelf (award winner – 8 options)

Bhostco Prerolls is a High Times award-winning product derived from the company Above Top Shelf! These 1.3-gram prerolls are dipped

Bud Man Organic King Palms Pre Rolls (1.25 grams each)

Bud Man is excited to introduce the new King Palms organic pre-rolls with our top-shelf quality flower and a corn

Dr. Zodiak’s Original CBD Moon Rock Pre-Rolls

Dr. Zodiak’s Original CBD Moonrock starts with premium indica flower infused with hemp CBD and contains under 0.3% THC. Rolled

Galaxy Prerolls – Above Top Shelf (high times award winner – 13 options)

Above Top Shelf is a marijuana company in Los Angeles, California. ATS creates the best marijuana products in the universe.

Hash Bullet Pre Rolls (500mg – 3 options)

Delicately rolled Hash Bullets are cannabis mixed with a variety of top-shelf hash.  These hash bullets are perfect for any

Kushie Brand Mini Doobies 2-pack (2 options)

Kushie Mini Doobies are premium grade pre-rolls packed with hydroponic, indoor organic grown, pesticide-free cannabis. Each pack comes with two

Mini Joint 5 Pack – Humboldt Legends (half gram each – 1 option)

All strains are grown organically with no pesticides by Humboldt Legends: Additional information Vendor Humboldt Legends

Organic Blunts – Presidential Rx (1.5g – 4 options)

Top-shelf organic flower INFUSED with CO2 extracted solvent-less honey oil then coated in the highest quality kief. The blunt wrap

Presidential Rx CO2 Honey Oil + Kief Prerolls (7 options)

A LITTLE PRESIDENTIAL PACKS A BIG PUNCH Presidential Rx is committed to quality bud that is long-lasting and delivers a

PURLA Top Shelf Dry Herb Preroll 3-Pack (3.5 grams – 4 options)

Top Shelf and Lab Tested – locally indoor grown in Los Angeles – PURLA is the new go-to for prerolls

Smashed Doobie Strain Specific Premium Prerolls (1.2 grams – 4 options)

Smashed Doobies are perfect for on the go! Each Doobie contains 1.2 grams of premium strain specific organic has grown

Smashed Mini Doobie Prerolls (600mg – 3 options)

Smashed Mini Doobie Prerolls are perfect for on the go! Each Mini Doobie contains 0.6 grams of a premium blend