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(CBC)The legalization of marijuana may one day be a better thing for small businesses. But now, Aldrich’s cannabis retailer Grant Guenther, legal plants may be the sizeable financial insolvency more.

Guenther unseals the Strain Lane marijuana retailer in Airdrie with a lease. The problem is that he can not adjoin any marijuana – and he pays rent every month, whether he tries to open the door or maybe not.

Due to the scarcity of cannabis, AGLC suspended the issuance of new licenses a few months ago.

My wife and I have endow in everything we have in this medical cannabis shop,” Guenther said in discussion with Calgary Eyeopener on Monday, “but still nothing,” he said. “There is no product like that in the store.

Guenther’s terrible economic stability is an example of an early entry into a new business sector where the ground system is a permanent job.

“You have an application procedure and started applying in March [2018],” he said. “And part of the application system means that you have to rent or rent an offer, and most of the land use directive and new features haven’t been noted yet.”

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After taking the lease, the Guenther waited (and paid rent) until September to determine if the municipality would categorize the rented property to permit him to sell marijuana retail.

In other words, the only other way to get started quickly in the legal weeds is to do a play – and say a devotion.

Shallow end

Many companies start investing a lot of money. And they say they need $ 20 or $ 30,000 in deposits as cash. If they do not get permission, they can leave their contract.”

“In our instance, we do not have that kind of deposit. does hemp wraps cause cancer So we thought to sneak into the low lying region to see if we will succeed,” he said.

Now, Guenther and his wife realize themselves trapped in a vice, a contract on their shoulders, and can then have the unpredictability of marijuana.

(On the AGLC website, answer the question “Do you have enough marijuana to supply Alberta’s retail market?”, According to “Frequently Asked Questions.” The answer is “AGLC ensures product safety.” for the province of Alberta. ” Buy sour diesel strain online

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