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What happened after the legalization of weed in Canada

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Canada’s new pot rule is working with the enforcement of new regulations and the supply chain after cannabis became legal in Canada.

Before the law forces, key objectives were listed by the Canadian federal government. These include preventing children and youth from involving weeds, ensuring the weed product is safe and quality in the state’s production chain.

So the question is, will the objectives will meet after the legalization? CTVNews will explore and measure some of the assurances made by the Canadian administration. buy LSD Sheets online.

Objective Number 1: Keep cannabis away from youngsters

Adults these are teens can purchase the weed legally as per the Cannabis Act in Canada. The amount of plants that can be bought and possessed is small. Every state and region in Canada can impose its age restriction. However, the lowest age that can buy the weed legally must be at least 18 years old.

With the age restriction enforced by the law, MOTA Infused Iced Tea does not mean that those children or under-aged teens and kids will not get their hands away from weed and cannabis. However, it does help to reduce marijuana and plants in Canada consumption among them legally.

Actual number 2: “Diminish the number of Canadians with a criminal record.”

Cannabis Act helped us in reducing the Canadian justice system’s burden. These are because the Act will abolish offender charges. The question arises, what about the people who have been convicted of the offense and charged before 17 October 2018?

Canada’s federal government announced that pardons were issued to people who possessed 30 grams or less of cannabis and Banana OG Dank Vape in November 2018. These are fair to those convicted of the crime before 17 October 2018, but that did not happen. People who condemned sin before 17 October 2018 will still need to take time until the law is working, then they are only eligible to apply for it.

These have brought to the liberal administration for not being able to opting the criminal records. Thus, the Canadian administration failed to obtain objective number 2.

Objective Number 3: Safe supply of cannabis

Cannabis has to be provided by a licensed supplier to fortify the safety and standard of the product. The Canadian federal government has implemented a law to keep this real meet.

Some of the Canadians have reported the incident about receiving moldy cannabis.

Reports of mold have been sold in British Columbia, and a quicksand strain review has been reported by RedeCan, one of the cannabis and weed manufacturers.

This means that the objectives for legalizing marijuana and weeds in Canada were not achieved.

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