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Kush and ganja will bring addiction.

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There have been rumors saying that consuming kush and ganja will bring addiction to the consumer. Well, this is not entirely true. Addiction can be due to the mental instead of physical. A person with a healthy mind will not be addicted easily. However, a person with a weak mind will be addicted easily.

See! this is due to a mental issue. Another thing is the intention to consume. Some users consume kush and ganja intending to reduce stress, forget their pain after arguing with their partner, etc. With a higher plan, the addiction will be there. Thus, don’t consume kush with high intention.

How to consume marijuana?

There are several ways to consume grass. It can be from capsules or pills, from groceries, or with toolkits like bongs and smoke. See the publication for more information.

Use and legal status

Weed and Kush are legal in Canada and the United States. However, some of Canada and the United States’ states have linearity different from the amount of grass consumed. See the state law in particular.


There have been rumors that the herb and kush will bring consumer addiction. However, the fact is that with a controllable amount of grass consumption per day, it will not cause any dependency on the person. However, it will bring some benefits to the person, such as treating headaches, insomnia, etc.


So the conclusion is, kush and ganja will not bring addiction. It will benefit the user from physical and mental illnesses such as headaches, insomnia, and stress. So, consume weed today.

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